What Does Your Medical Content Say About You? 

Medical professionals are great at what they do. The level of expertise and professionalism that it takes to run a successful practice is genuinely astounding. However, when it comes to crafting great medical content, many doctors are left feeling lost. If you are looking to craft great content that connects with your patients, there are a few things that you should consider. After all, it takes a great message to convey your great ideas. 

Focus on Your Audience

If you are trying to connect with patients, it’s unlikely that they have the same vocabulary and terminology that you do. It is essential to think about specific phrases that your potential patients will type when they search. You can avoid using the technical terms for conditions and opt for common language. It is a great idea to have somebody else read over your content and figure out the simplest ways to phrase a thought. 

Be Yourself

Today’s world is changing. In a competitive market, your potential patients aren’t just looking for the doctor who graduated at the top of their class with an ivy league degree. Instead, online reviews, bedside manner, charisma, and your personal story all make a difference. Patients want to feel a common connection to the people who care for them. With this in mind, it’s okay to put a more casual tone into your online content. Tell a story about your background, what makes you human, and why should they trust your practice? 

Avoid the Self-Promotion

Studies show that customers and patients react negatively to gimmicky or blatantly biased advertising. Instead, focus on pushing informative and relevant content. You want your patients to leave your website with answers to their questions. We’ve also found that patients who come into the office with a basic understanding of office practices are more likely to be compliant and trusting of your diagnosis and treatment. 

Be Patient

Writing content can often seem like a thankless job. The results aren’t immediate. We often tell our clients that they shouldn’t expect to see an increase in website traffic for at least three months, but it can often take longer depending on local variables. However, content can also produce sustainable traffic over long periods through generic search results. Generic traffic doesn’t cost you anything. It is the result of having a website that answers your patient’s questions. 

Of course, writing content, especially for months on end, takes a lot of time and dedication. Additionally, if you don’t get things just right — all your hard work could be wasted. If you’re considering incorporating content into your medical blog, contact McDonald Content Solutions today! We work with you to develop authoritative and informative content that connects you to your patients.

Start Your Medical Blog During Covid-19

It’s no secret that our daily routines have been altered by Covid-19. Individuals throughout the world are being forced to either stay home or work from home. While there are definitely some drawbacks in our daily lives, this change also allows for unique opportunities. If you haven’t already, it’s time to start your medical blog!

Recent studies suggest that people across the age spectrum are spending considerably more time behind screens than our pre-coronavirus days. However, if your website is not properly updated, you could be missing out on new patients as we speak (or…read). 

Patient Research

Even before the current crisis, patients have been considerably more internet savvy. They want to make sure that they review their choices in an incredible number of ways that affect their lives. Think about the importance of online reputation when you decide where you’re researching what movie to see or where to eat out. Right now, people are even more interested in what type of medical care is out there. This alone makes for a great reason to start your medical blog. 

The choice of a medical professional is no different. While many of your potential patients come to your site because they were directly referred, your online presence can be the difference between a booked appointment or moving to your competition. 

Having an authoritative website does not mean that your patients will scroll through every one of your articles, blogs, and staff biographies. Still, it does mean that you’d better have all of that information available when they click. In addition, search engines can rank you higher if you have pertinent information spread throughout your site. Typically, the top three sites get more than 50% of the market share when it comes to clicking the link (and links on page 2 get less than 1%). Fortunately, you don’t have to rank at the top of all of Google in a worldwide sense, but you do need to outrank your local competitors. 

Building a Full Site

Google constantly changes their algorithms to discourage cheating. Previous SEO, or “search engine optimization” practices, allowed websites to “keyword stuff”. This method made it impossible to read and understand. Now, websites get punished and downranked for the practice. 

Being an authoritative voice that helps to answer the question your patient might have can actually help get you ranked higher. This means that having well-researched and concise information throughout your webpage can help you beat out some of your competitors without ever knowing a keyword. 

Go Further

To further increase your reach, you might consider bringing on your own team of professional writers. Additionally, capitalizing on the current market is critical, and medical professionals are busy! 

At McDonald Content Solutions, we only utilize medical writing professionals. At a minimum, we require that all of our writers have a Bachelor’s degree in English or a related field plus three years of medical writing experience. 

Contact us today to design a personalized content package. 

5 Skills of Professional Medical Ghostwriting

Building your medical practice’s website ensures that you have an online presence that allows potential patients to find you. Once your site is live, the real work begins to ensure that you provide the stories that connect your audience with your work. Of course, you’re busy caring for patients, and creating informational yet relevant content can easily slip your schedule. Like most medical practices, if you have fallen into this trap, consider hiring a professional writer to create content using medical ghostwriting.

Experience in the Medical Ghostwriting Industry

Many content agencies focus on any paying client they can get. While this strategy can help to reel in business for the agency, it leaves you with a poor product. Medical content can be tricky. Patients depend on accurate and understandable medical content. However, the content on your website is only as good as the writer.

Professional writers in the medical industry need to have a proven background. The translation of nuanced medical language is critical for your patient’s understanding. If you are looking for a medical writer, be sure to ask if they have handled projects similar to yours. It is always okay to ask for relevant samples of their writing.

Unfortunately, just about everybody believes that they have what it takes to be a professional writer. While this might be okay in other industries, your patients look to your website for authoritative and informative material. Education is another important factor to consider.

At McDonald Content Solutions, we only employ writers with a minimum of three years of medical writing background and hold a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in English or related fields. All of our editorial staff and fact-checkers hold a postgraduate degree. This means that our team has to have the ability to conduct thorough research and utilize critical thinking to translate scientific articles into meaningful content for your audience.

Effective Communication

Of course, the best ideas are useless if your audience does not understand the point. When you are looking for writers, ensure that they write in straightforward terms. McDonald Content Solutions utilizes a multi-stage approach that guarantees that our content is factually and grammatically correct and has a suitable readability score for your clientele.

Top-Notch Research Skills

The best medical writers don’t regurgitate information that is readily available on the market. Just as your medical practice maintains continuing education to stay relevant, writers have to research and understand the cutting-edge technologies that are developed every day. This allows our team to keep you ahead of the competition because of their diligent research abilities.

Ability to Capture Your Voice 

In today’s market, your patients do not come to your website to be talked into a sale. Instead, they already know that they need your services. They may have been referred to you for a specific condition or diagnosis. One of our most popular offerings utilizes medical ghostwriting. When you use our ghostwriting services, our staff will make sure that we convey the information in a manner that sounds like you. We connect you with your patients through your stories and experiences.

Proven Results

You need a team with a track record of helping other medical professionals build and maintain their websites. Always ask for relevant samples of writing. However, be aware that many professional writers produce work under an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) that protects their clients’ anonymity and may not be available for your review.

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At McDonald Content Solutions, we specialize in medical content to help practices just like yours. Contact us today to discuss how we can meet your needs.

4 Reasons to Maintain a Medical Blog

It seems like everybody who has a website has a blog, no matter their industry. It’s true that virtually any institution offering services benefits from having a quality blog. However, it is especially crucial for people involved in the healthcare or medical field. After all, this industry has so much information that impacts people’s lives in a very significant way. Let’s discuss a few core reasons to maintain a medical blog. 

Search Engine Relevance is a Top Reason to Maintain a Medical Blog

Maintaining quality medical content on your blog can help people find you more easily. If you choose to have that SEO-infused content, then your website will attract more potential patients while keeping them informed of your services and any news you’d like to share.

 Search engines are fickle. The algorithms constantly change. However, the one constant is that content is more likely to be deemed “relevant” if it is written well and follows a few simple guidelines. There’s no need to worry if this all sounds a bit overwhelming. A quality medical writer can handle this type of work for you.

Maintain a Medical Blog to Showcase Your Expertise

One of the most crucial reasons to maintain a medical blog is to showcase your expertise. Whether people are looking for a dentist, or want to research a plastic surgeon, they all want to know the same thing—does this person have expertise? A great way to showcase that is through your blog content. You can easily explain your services or other industry-specific information that will allow patients to get to know you and trust your quality of care. People are more likely to choose you for their medical needs if they understand your level of ability and understanding in your field. A blog is one way to demonstrate your knowledge and may encourage people to contact your office.

Provide Simple Explanations That People Understand

Medical content is complicated and easily intimidates. People will have a much clearer understanding of what you have to offer if you maintain an easy-to-read blog. Some medical professionals may struggle with condensing information down into laymen’s terms, but a seasoned medical writer will create the perfect blend of knowledge and simplicity.

Medical Blogs Are an Investment

Medical professionals are often busy and simply don’t have the time to write about industry-specific information. However, hiring a seasoned writer to do the work for you can help save time. The investment in medical blogs is not only a significant time-saver, but it could be a valuable tool for attracting more patients to your services.

Blog Content You Can Trust

McDonald Content Solutions is dedicated to providing exceptional content to every medical client. We know that you work in a field that is brimming with information. We want to be sure that your message reaches your intended audience. If you would like some help crafting your medical blog, please reach out to us for more information.

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