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3 Reasons to Write a Medical White Paper Today

In the continually evolving marketing climate, it can be hard to sort through the myriad of different topics and styles you should implement. While medical white papers are frequently overlooked, this tool is a critical component to educate your audience about new services or devices. Of course, there are a few essential things that you should know before you ever put pen to paper, and we’ve grouped three of the most important reasons that you should write a medical white paper for your practice. 

#1. Keep Medical White Paper Topics Relevant

It doesn’t matter how well-written or researched your white paper is if the audience is not interested in what you’re writing. It is essential to know and understand your audience to target the specific pain points they are having. Once you know these key points, all of your statistical data will land with your audience and demonstrate precisely how you plan to help with their current issues. 

#2. Bring the Data

If you write a whitepaper full of hypothetical or theoretical numbers, your audience is more likely to be skeptical of your research’s extensive nature. While your medical white paper should not be overburdened with numbers and statistics, it is crucial to driving home key points with critical statistics. Use research or case studies that help bolster your point. Make sure that you’ve done your research and can verify the data that you’re using. 

#3. Get Your White Paper in Front of Your Audience

Where you publish and post your white paper can vary greatly. You may get several different opinions on the best platforms to publish your work. However, you should keep your audience in mind.  Many practices publish their whitepapers on their websites, in emails or newsletters, or submit them to academic or healthcare-related websites. If you’ll be presenting your work at a conference, you should consider getting your white paper published in those materials. While you want to be sure people will view your work, the forum needs to be reputable as well. Various websites promote their ability to publish your whitepaper. However, they may not deliver your expected results after they collect your payment. We frequently suggest that you talk to colleagues that work in your area of expertise and listen to their suggestions and cautionary tales. 

Final Thoughts 

While medical white papers can substantially impact marketing your products and services, don’t treat the white paper as an advertisement. Medical white papers are designed as informational. While the intent is to market your product, it can’t be overshadowed by the content. Instead, make sure that you’re accurately describing the problem, your solution, and the data to support your claims. If you stick to that simple formula, you’ll help establish yourself and your brand as a credible and trusted authority.

Of course, if you’re considering writing a white paper but want to enlist the help of professionals that are well-versed in the art of creating medical content that connects with your audience, call or email us today! We are experts in helping healthcare professionals focus on supporting and healing their communities. 

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How Your Marketing Company Can Benefit From a Niche Content Agency

Your marketing company has finally launched. Clients are pouring in, you’re pushing services, and seeing improvement for your clients’ bottom line. You may not see it, but something is missing. In today’s world of paid advertising, the immediate rewards and leads can feel successful, but you may be overlooking a critical element to the overall strategy: a niche content agency. 

In our experience, many marketing agencies are great at what they do. They can build websites, run analytics, evaluate ROI (Return on Investment), and build case studies to show their effectiveness. However, the same people that are experts in these fields push content to the backburner. Unfortunately, content marketing can seem like a hefty up-front cost. Some agencies might feel like it can increase the initial costs and scare clients away. But if you want to build excellent long-term relationships with your client base, content is still king. 

At McDonald Content Solutions, we offer our clients (medical practices and marketing agencies) specialized content in the healthcare and medical fields. Here are some of the best reasons that you should consider working with a content agency that’s specialized in your field. 

Immediate Access to Specialized Professional Writers

Content companies aren’t just bringing on every generalized writer off the street. If your marketing agency is working in any professional field, you likely need somebody well-versed in that market. Medical writers have already developed a baseline of background knowledge in the area. Why is this important? By bringing in professionals, you get in-depth insight in less time. Instead of paying a general writer for hours of research to only have their writing fall short of your expectations, our staff delivers stellar content in a fraction of the time. 

Content Agencies Have Experience Telling Your Story

You need to distinguish your clients from their competitors, and our medical staff has first-hand knowledge about current trends in the field. By having our finger on the competition’s pulse, you gain a competitive edge by telling meaningful stories that you may otherwise miss. Additionally, professional writers can ensure that your message connects with their intended audience. 

Dollar for Dollar – Content has the Highest ROI

While paid advertising or pay-per-click (PPC) methods are wildly popular today, they don’t offer your client long-term advantages. Their best hope is to evaluate each ad campaign’s cost through trial and error to get the best return on their money. However, PPC advertising requires that your clients have to pay for every single lead they get. Additionally, this approach leaves you vulnerable to losing a client with an unexpected, poorly performing ad campaign. 

With an emphasis on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the written content is specifically designed to increase organic traffic to a website. Utilizing your expertise in converting that traffic to paying customers helps benefit your clients and your company. You can suggest that your clients can continue to see the same high level of sales while reducing their overall spend on advertising and developing a multi-pronged marketing approach. 

A Niche Content Agency Can Increase the Length of Client Relationships

Niche content agencies can work with you to help develop a reliable content calendar for your clients. Typical content calendars should plan out an approach for a minimum of six months but often span over two years. While content aims to increase organic traffic, it takes between six and eighteen months to start seeing positive results. Establishing these long-term plans with your clients can ensure that your marketing company has reliable projections about your income and ability to grow and expand. 

A Niche Content Agency is More than a Writer

A content agency is specialized in producing great content for their clients, but that doesn’t mean that we only have writers. Instead, McDonald Content Solutions works with writers, editors, and project managers. This means that you get an entire writing arm added to your agency through a single point of contact. How much value would it add to your company to be able to bring on an entirely new and professional team without having to worry about supervision, hiring, and training? Additionally, we have the entire process of producing our content down to an art. We work to ensure that we live up to our motto: Medical Content Simplified

Not Everyone is a Writer

While many people dabble in writing, mastering the art of writing is something that very few people can succeed in. Unfortunately, the writing market is saturated with individuals who believe they can write. At McDonald Content Solutions, we only hire writers who have demonstrated the highest level of medical writing. Once we bring them on board, they must undergo a rigorous training process. That means that you get amazing content from our team every single time. Call or email today to see how we can help your team. 


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The Advantages of Healthcare Social Media

We all know that the world of social media is hot right now. There are dozens of options that individuals and businesses are utilizing to bolster their bottom line. . Here are some of the best reasons that you should be investing time and energy into social media. 

Healthcare Social Media Connects with Your Patients

Internet use is one of the most important ways people can connect, regardless of their intention. Additionally, social media use continues to be on the rise. With the increased use of popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others, it makes sense to go where your patients are located. 

Current estimates suggest that more than 244 million people (almost 80% of the total population) in the US use social media today, and that number is forecast to be 257 million in 2023. That means that establishing a presence today can help position your practice for future growth. 

Keep Patients Informed of Changes

Current or potential patients who subscribe to your channels or match your targeted demographics can get regular updates on your practice. You can use social media to spread your news!

Social media can be a fast means of getting out time-sensitive information. If the end of the year is coming up, you may want to remind patients that deductibles will reset. Many private practices see significant increases in their scheduled appointments when they create campaigns to inform patients that it’s time for a new vaccine or allergy shot. 

Increase Availability with Your Healthcare Social Media

Many practices are incredibly considerate of their patients’ needs and their reluctance to contact their office. By offering multiple ways to connect with your staff, you increase the odds of having somebody reach out to communicate with you. One special consideration for healthcare providers is privacy laws. Many social media platforms are not secure, and there is potential that your client’s account isn’t real. Be mindful of the topics you discuss unless you’re in a secured communication portal. 

Managing Your Social Media Presence

Creating and maintaining your social media persona can be as straightforward or complex as you’d like to make it. While there are certain tricks that professional marketers and copywriters use to improve your results, the most important thing is to start. As healthcare professionals, it is crucial to ensure that your topics remain accurate, relevant to your community, and maintain regular posts. 

If you are considering starting a healthcare social media presence on any platform, consider bringing on professionals. At McDonald Content Solutions, we specialize in quality medical content for your practice. We can design, write, and even schedule all of your posts. 


Why You Should Hire a Niche Health Writer

Many healthcare companies struggle to produce enough content on their websites to generate organic search results. Several factors play in developing effective healthcare content that allows you to rank in search engines. A number of these factors are continually changing and take routine training and continuing education to understand. While many healthcare professionals know that they need to bring in outside help, they can often opt to cut corners or go with the first freelance writer they find. However, hiring a health writer specifically niched to medical content is your best play for content that connects and works! 

A Health Writer as a Specialist

Your content isn’t just a general issue. Every professional in the healthcare industry knows that you shouldn’t trust your health to the advice of just anybody off the street. If you have a specific issue, you need to work with somebody that understands your needs. Health writers provide great health content that is pertinent to your topic. They must know about the issues that they cover. You don’t want to have your patients getting inaccurate information from your website. That has the potential to damage the trust you’ve built in your community and damage your reputation. 

Why Generalized Writers Don’t Cut It

While many great general writers are out there, the likelihood that you’ll get a writer who understands your business’s needs is low. Additionally, while general writers may be good at writing about general topics, you need a team that provides excellent healthcare content for your clients. General writers do not have the background in the medical and healthcare industries that specialized healthcare content writers have. That means that complex topics might be misconstrued. Additionally, suppose you’re paying your writers at an hourly rate. In that case, a general writer will require more time to adequately complete the appropriate research and convert that into an understandable document for your audience. 

Why Medical Content Is Special

Some factors mean that you need a medical writer to help with your website content. One of the most significant issues is that your needs are different from a lot of other markets. Healthcare providers typically don’t need to have pages that rank nationally. That means that your writer has to understand how to write your content for your unique audience strategically. 

Additionally, niched writers will have an in-depth understanding of topics that are relevant to your business. Bringing on a niche writer may also help you develop your content strategy in a meaningful way. They may even be able to suggest topics because of their experience. 

Contact Us Today

Bringing on a health writer is an excellent decision for practices throughout the healthcare industry. If you are looking for a great team to add to your project, consider bringing McDonald Content Solutions onboard. We have a full staff of vetted and trained healthcare writers and produce unique medical content with our team of editors and project managers. This provides you with an incredible opportunity to build your entire content strategy with a single point of content. We’ll shoulder the burden of your healthcare content, so you can focus on what’s important – your practice and your patients. 

How Can You Create More Effective Medical Content?

Today, it’s not as easy as just throwing a sign in front of your practice and getting patients to walk in the door. Instead, healthcare practices also have to spend an increasing amount of time becoming effective marketers. While many healthcare organizations understand the need to produce an appealing website, getting down to the details can be more complicated. 

With time split between caring for patients and running the business side, your organization must be efficient with their time in creating medical content that works for you. We’ve created a list of some of the most important things to focus on when creating medical content for your website.

Understand the Types of Content

All writing isn’t created equal. A number of your competitors are likely utilizing various approaches when it comes to creating great content that connects with your audience. When you consider content, it is vital to think about what your intent is. You can write blogs, emails, newsletters, ebooks, social media posts, informational brochures, and many more. Knowing your audience and getting the right message delivered through the proper format can make a well-timed message reach even further. 

Consider the Google Algorithm

While everybody wants to rank on the first page of a related Google Search, anybody is lying to you if they say they have it ALL figured out. In the early iterations of search engines, merely having the search phrase appear the most times in your writing would get you a higher ranking. As soon as companies figured this out, they developed the practice of keyword stuffing. Fortunately, Google caught on to this and not only ignored keyword stuffing but penalizes it. While the algorithm is continuously changing and evolving, companies know one thing holds – Google wants to make sure that users find the ANSWERS to their questions when they click on your link. 

So what does that mean for your writing? Make it meaningful and helpful. Google is always trying to sniff out cheating; that’s great news for people who write amazing content! 

Use titles for your online content that accurately describes the intent of your article. Utilize appropriate research, and make sure that you are giving people the information that they want. Speak with your authority and knowledge about topics that are interesting to your patients. 

Start a Blog

Blogs aren’t just the ramblings of people stuck behind a computer screen anymore. Instead, they are a great way that you can connect your community with your website. A blog allows you to write about a variety of topics that may be helpful to your patients. The blogs are easily searchable once on your website. Over time, your blog can become a library of knowledge that is particularly useful to your patients. 

When you consider writing a blog, we suggest that you utilize evergreen content. This means that you write about topics that apply to your audience over a long period. While posts about a specific event might be helpful for the short-term, likely, it won’t continue to bring traffic to your website a few years down the road. 

Keep it Local

While ranking at the top of a search engine for a specific medical procedure can feel like a significant accomplishment, it won’t keep patients coming through your doors if the searchers are in a different country! Many healthcare practices don’t realize that you aren’t trying to beat out every single competitor on the planet, but you need to make sure that you’re at the top of the list when it comes to your local searchers. While there are various tactics that marketers use to help your local search ranking improve, you can start by using language in your content that indicates the state, county, town, or neighborhood where you practice. 

Know Your Limits

Keeping up with the changing world of marketing and content is a full-time job. If you’ve been considering the importance of updating your website or creating fresh new content, consider talking to us. We’ve got the experience and knowledge that you need to help connect your patients with your practice!