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Looking to add depth to your website?
Use website copy to connect. 


Blogs can help your patients gain knowledge
and insight about specific procedures.

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Thoughtful and straightforward articles can
help explain complex medical topics.

Press Release Writing

Showcase your professional awards and administrative changes with a press release. 

Email Writing Service

Email is one of the most effective methods for communicating internally and externally.


Share your knowledge on a medical topic with a ghostwritten eBook. 

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Who We Are

Medical professionals are in a unique position when it comes to producing valuable content for your audience. You have important information that your patients need, but not enough time to put pen to paper.

That’s where we come in.

McDonald Content Solutions is a niche content agency that focuses exclusively on the medical and healthcare industries. We have over a decade of experience crafting a variety of medical content that ensures your services remain search-engine relevant and easily digested by your audience. Additionally, we can craft researched eBooks that may be part of a larger content strategy.

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It is our mission to stay current on the latest content trends. Here’s
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13 Sep

Why You Should Avoid Generalist Writers

By admin
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7 Sep

The Importance of Having a Medical Blog

By admin
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McDonald Content Solutions recognizes the great efforts that it takes around the world to connect patients
with vital care. That is why we give back to innovative programs that have a real impact in their communities.

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